Ship Construction Presses - 77/620

Ship Construction Presses are the main machines used in ship construction at shipyards.These machines can be used in forming the side wall sheet metals of big ships and also used for bending and twisting the profiles on the ship girder as requested.

As Hürsan Hydraulic Press and Workbench Ind.Set.CO, with GIP Series we can manufacture from 4000 mm opening gap to 8000 mm between 400-1000 tons pressing force. Also our TÜBİTAK supported Project,Profile Bending Press,can make bending in requested angles for various profiles used in ship girder.

Our products are customer oriented and we can manufacture special designed machines in different specifications and characteristics according to customer’s requests.

These designs are made as 3D with SOLIDWORKS programme,subjected to durability analysis with ANSYS programme and then gone into production part after confirmation.